Flat Lay Friday - Interview with Katherine & Tyler

Flat Lay Friday - Interview with Katherine & Tyler

Hello fellow flat lay lovers! I'm so excited for this weeks featured photographer Katherine of Katherine & Tyler Photos. Their work is always so stunning and I think you'll love her tips for creating stunning flat lays... Enjoy!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your wedding photography business!
- I’m a destination wedding photographer specializing in film photography with an eye for design & details. I’ve had the privilege of teaching my in-person flat lay course to photographers across the US which I am so passionate about! 
How long have you been shooting weddings, when did you start incorporating flat lays? 
- I have been shooting weddings for six years and began incorporating flat lays the moment I picked up my camera. It was one of the first things that intrigued me about weddings.
How long do you like to reserve  for morning detail photos? (We all know not all timelines allow for how much we prefer )
- I always allot in minimum of one hour to capture the invitations, rings, shoes, welcome, bag, etc. I find that my best work is done when I am not rushed so I encourage all my clients to allow for this time.

How do you prepare your clients for wedding flat lays? Do you ask for anything specific? Any tips for being prepared? 
-In the beginning, I would send them a booklet with lots of wedding date information, including what to bring for flat lays. Now, I confirm with the planning team that we have several sets of invitation suites, loose blooms, and any other needed items from them. Never assume that they will have what you need, always ask or confirm! 

Let’s get into the technical side of shooting stunning flat lays . What camera(s) do you shoot with? What is your preferred lens for detail photos
- I shoot on both Cannon and Contax systems with a 50mm lens. I love a good film flat lay, however I will use digital for when I need a crisp, sharp image. 

What aperture do you like to shoot at? 
- this depends on how many items are in the flat lay. My rule of thumb if for every item in the flat lay, raise your aperture by that. For example, a single ring- I’ll shoot between 1.2-1.8, with 3 rings, I’ll raise it to 4.0+, an invitation suite with 5 paper goods, 5.0+. I’ve gone up to 8.0+ depending on the amount of items I’m photographing! 

Any tips for how you find/make good light for flat lays? 
- I prefer to always find 2 sources of light so either 2 windows from each direction, a covers patio with light from each side, but if not I’ll use a reflector. 
What are your go to items for flat lays? 
- styling mats from @locustcollection, ring boxes & blocks from @styling archives and ring dishes from antiquing. For florals, I like to not overwhelm the shot with large flowers so I prefer to use smaller blooms with an organic feel to them. 
How do you feel adding flat lays to your portfolio has affected your photography business? 
- Flat lays are something my clients love and expect when booking with me. It’s how I’ve attracted my ideal client who loves & cares about the details. I would say it’s helped the direction my business has gone in! 
Any advice for someone just starting out?
- if you are not shooting flat lays that you love and want to market, invest in purchasing suites that represent your brand and spend time styling them on your own. If you get flustered on wedding days when styling, ask to take the items home! 
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