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Imperfect extra large styling mats

Imperfect extra large styling mats

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I’d love to not throw these away! They are imperfect and have spots. Could be cleaned or edited out :) just pay for shipping. 

55”x39” styling mat

I use these mats for all of my flat lays! They are extra-large, have a washable surface, so if you step on them or spill something you're able to simply wipe it clean.

***They come folded, so you'll need to lightly iron them to release the wrinkles. Once you have them ironed you can roll them up for future use.***

Negative space is such a game-changer in flat lays. Having the extra room with these mats will make it extremely easy to get creative and not be held back by a small working area. I also love using them draped over a couch or taped to a wall to use as a seamless backdrop for shoes, flowers, or any other detail shots.
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