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Set of 5 Pink Hues Frayed Edge Silk Ribbon with Wooden Spool

Set of 5 Pink Hues Frayed Edge Silk Ribbon with Wooden Spool

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Set of 5 ribbons & wooden spools. Perfect addition to your flat lay styling kit. Hues of pink, white and beige. I try to make the photos look as true to color as possible, but of course leave room for differences in monitors and such. Approximately 2 yards of 1” silk on each spool.

•Why silk? If you’re wondering why you should invest in silk, you need to go back and look at the photos. Do you see that breathtaking curl? The way you can work with silk and make it lay beautifully for photographs is far superior to anything else on the market.

•Why the wooden spool? Are you a fan of wrinkly ribbon? Yeah, me either. After showing up to a wedding with wrinkled ribbon I vowed to always keep mine on wooden spools. They of course Photograph well too.

•Do you sell a matching ring box? Yes, I have an entire collection of matching ring boxes, silk ribbons & vow books in the shop as well as the other styling items that show up in the product photos.

•I’m new to flat lays, do you sell kits? Yes! I’ve been a wedding photographer for 11 years and I’ve fine tuned what I carry in my wedding day styling kit. I’ve curated styling kits for all budgets. You can also build your own styling kit via the a la crate items.

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silk ribbon: 1 inch x 2 yards

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